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June 2017 Samples of  A level Results & Students' Testimonials

Hello sir it's Hannah. I got a C in psychology considering I was on a U  on our first tutor session. The result was one of the top in our school and I have you to thank for it! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into both Nejmi and I. I really really appreciate it.


Hi Dr Fletcher.  She did well thank you got a C in her Business Studies predicted grade D.  It was you that made the difference. Has now been offered the place she wanted.  Thank you so much, you were an amazing tutor.  Thank you so much. 

Best Wishes, 


Hi Fletcher

Thank you for all of your help with my Applied Business A-Level. I got a B overall which I'm very happy with.
Nat Goodlad.

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Hy I got a B in my exam in my Business Finance. I'm  really happy with the result. Thank you


Hello Dr. Fletcher,
Just to let you know Ed got a C in Economics.  He was just a couple of marks off the higher grade on two papers.  We are going to the papers reviewed in the hope of improving the grade to a B.  Ed’s very happy and has his place at Portsmouth University.
Thank you so much for all your help and Ed says a big thank you.  We will let you know the outcome and if Louis our younger son decides to take Economics A Level, we hope very much that you will be able to help him.
Kind regards,
Patricia and Kevin Murphy