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June 2017 Samples of GCSE Results & Testimonials

Hi Dr Fletcher,

This is Thanu I got an 8 in maths and an A* in further maths

Thank you


Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Dear Dr Fletcher,

Please see attached Rachael's GCSE results. She, and we, are very pleased indeed. Many many thanks to you for helping her achieve such a great result in maths of 8. Wishing you all the best for the future

Kind regards


Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Hello Dr Fletcher,

Eloisa got a 6 in her Maths examination and is delighted with that! Thanking you for all your hard work with helping her. She is going to Sir Henry Floyd to do A levels Spanish French History Italian.

Loretta is now going into year 11 and may need some tutoring but that would be in January onwards.

Thank you again for all your wonderful help. Eloisa said now you must get a chicken!

Best wishes