Examsolutionprovider.com has successfully been and is continuing providing tutorial support to those students who are studying for GCSE Maths, Further Maths, Statistics, Mechanics, Business studies, Exam preparation coaching, marking practice tests, and giving improvement feedback and conducting post school tests review tutorials to help students improve their performance. This covers all the main examining boards.

Currently due to Covid 19 pandemic and until further notice, all the GCSE tutorials are being delivered online, one on one basis and are recorded to provide students accessible material resource for their revision. Students are able to download the recorded videos and save them on any of their mobile devices. Below are the samples of videos recorded during some of the tutorial sessions followed by students/parents’ feedback.

Finding Median of Grouped and Non Grouped Data

GCSE Further Maths Revision-Factor Theorem

What students say

Joshua was anxious about having a tutor for the first time, but Dr. Fletcher was very warm and friendly, which helped Joshua to relax, especially under the pressure of his GCSE exams. I could often hear laughter coming from the living room where they were studying and was a bit concerned that not a lot of work was being done. But I soon realised that Dr. Fletcher and Joshua were getting on so well, he was able to joke about the silly mistakes Joshua made and this made him feel more comfortable in correcting these mistakes in time for his exams. So, the tutoring was very helpful and guided Joshua into being successful and being more confident in his ability. This was so helpful to Joshua that in both maths and business that he was being tutored for, he improved by at least 2 whole grades in his GCSE results, especially with an A* in maths.

GCSE Student’s Mom

I would thoroughly recommend Dr Phiri if your child needs extra academic support.
He tutored our son in Maths and I can honestly say Jamie’s confidence and knowledge grew and I believe he will achieve his best possible grade thanks to the support offered by Dr Phiri. I feel the sessions were good value for money. Dr Phiri always arrived with a smile and made us all feel relaxed. We have a particularly growly little dog but thankfully that did not deter him from coming!! Many thanks Dr Phiri!!.

CF, GCSE Student’s Mom

We were looking for a tutor to improve our son’s mock level for GCSE Maths, Dr Fletcher provided excellent assessment and support, highlighting, and dealing with gaps in Josh’s learning. Josh’s relationship with Dr Fletcher was great, he listened and really learnt. His feedback included that Dr Fletcher explained Maths where the school had not. We await the results ????but I can say Dr Fletcher is reliable, flexible, passionate about teaching and always puts in huge effort to his teaching, we would highly recommend him and will book him if we do A Level Maths.

GP, GCSE Student Mom