Changes in many factors have provided opportunities to adult students to enrol and study nursing courses with the aim of achieving their profession dream of becoming a nurse. Advancement in technology has provided opportunity for students to study nursing online and flexibly at comfort of own homes which suit majority of mature students who have family and work commitments. Global shortage of nurses worsened by Covid 19 pandemic impact have resulted in increase in the demand for nurses. This in turn has prompted the governments to provide financial support to various teaching institutions as well as grants to mature students so that they can access and study nursing courses in an effort to close nursing shortage gap. is making its own contribution by providing tutorial support to these mature students so that they can achieve their profession dreams. These tutorials include: helping in understanding Assignments; helping in developing assignment structure, providing pre-submission assignments improvement feedback, reviewing and editing assignment drafts, helping in reducing assignments words to required word count, pre-submission assignment draft assessment in meeting intended learning outcomes, nursing Numeracy skills Tutorial and many more.

Currently due to Covid 19 pandemic and until further notice, all the nursing tutorials are delivered online, one on one basis and are recorded to provide students accessible material resource for their revision. Students are able to download the recorded videos and save them on any of their mobile devices. Below are the samples of videos recorded during some of the tutorial sessions followed by students’ feedback.

Clinical Nursing Supporting Adults Achieve Professional Dreams

Tackling Nursing Assignment

A discussion on how to tackle nursing assignments through correct use of the documents that accompany the assignment. This is useful for supporting adult nursing students to maximise their marks and grades

Nursing Assignment- Hospital Acquired Infection & Hand Hygiene

A tutorial discussion on how to refine and refocus your essay topic for your Nursing Assignment.

What students say

Dr Fletcher, I would like to say that you ‘motivated me to do my best and not give up!’

MC: Midwifery BSc. (Hons-Nursing) degree. Middlesex University

Dr Fletcher Phiri, takes a keen interest in his students and extremely helpful. Responds very quickly to emails. He explains lessons in a way that is easy to understand.

Caroline, Nursing student