His tutoring strategy ensures the full involvement of the student

I came to know Dr Phiri Fletcher as my tutor through referral from a colleague of mine, a health promotional specialist who works for the NHS, he knew the work of Dr Fletcher, particularly in the areas of research, HIV prevention. I was in my final year of my studies (Bachelor- Health Studies and Social Policy) at London Metropolitan University when I received tuition from Dr Fletcher. Prior to this tuition I was confused and stuck with my dissertation, the support I received from Dr Fletcher helped me greatly, and as a result I was able to achieve an A grade for my dissertation. What I had noticed with his approach is that Dr Fletcher begins by helping his students to believe in themselves and understand that if they are committed to their studies, they can achieve the best grades possible.
His tutoring strategy ensures the full involvement of the student. He ensures that his students are involved in every step of the process during his tutoring. This is done with the aim to equip and prepare the student for the outside world. Lastly it is his drive, outlook and commitment to each student and their individual needs that differentiates him from other tutors and highlights his professionalism. He manages to see the potential in anyone, bringing out their best, despite their level of ability. In turn enabling them to better themselves, this makes him extraordinary. After my course Dr Fletcher supported me in publishing my book. The book is derived from my A grade dissertation that I received through his support.