Nursing Associate

The third initiative to meet the nursing shortage in the UK and giving opportunity to adult students comes from the Nursing and Midwifery profession itself in corroboration with the academic institutions. Newly created role is Nursing Associate which largely work based learning qualification similar to apprenticeship. This too is an opportunity for mature students who are already working in the NHS or in other healthcare professional sector to improve their profession, status and income level. It’s a motivation for those adults working in health and social care and would like to upgrade themselves and proceed to study and become full registered nurses. There is financial grant to support these students as their fees are paid and they are paid salaries. In fact, they feel as if they are part of the staff already which makes learning more motivating. is providing tutorial support to these adult students so that they can achieve their professional dreams. Some of the areas covered include: Nursing maths coaching, Assignments’ Tutorial Support including academic skills writing, understanding how to use assignment briefs, marking criteria and intending learning outcomes, reviewing and editing assignments drafts, Nursing Numeracy skills Tutorial support.

Currently due to Covid 19 pandemic and until further notice, all the Nursing Associate tutorials are being delivered online, one on one basis and are recorded to provide students accessible material resource for their revision. Students are able to download the recorded videos and save them on any of their mobile devices. Below are the samples of videos recorded during some of the tutorial sessions followed by students’ feedback.

Numeracy & Clinical calculations

Nurses Numeracy and Clinical Calculations Skills Development Tutorials Test 3.4. How to work with SI System

What students say

I am very grateful to Dr Fletcher Phiri ( for providing me with tutorial support right from the beginning got the end. After leaving primary school in my country many years ago, it was not easy for me to cope up with university level academic writing and how to conduct research and organise my studies and work and family commitments. But Dr Phiri was very patient and continued motivating me until I finally successfully completed my Nursing Associate Course. I am now motivated to go further and study for full degree to become a registered Nurse.

ETC, Nursing Associate, Bucks New University